How I Deal With My Curly Hair

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Trying to tame curly hair had been the bane of my life for many years now. I used to attack it with straighteners and serums trying to keep it under control, but nothing worked until recently…

I have finally learned how to deal with my curly hair and I’d like to share my new found wisdom with you all!

1. Get a good hairdresser

Everything turned around for me when I got a new hairdresser in 2013. Before, my hair was always massive and sitting poorly, because my old hairdressers always cut my hair like you would straight hair. Never do such a thing! I finally found a new hairdresser that I swear by, and I live in fear of moving away and having to pay flight bills every few months to get a good cut again. You can never dream of having good curly hair without a good foundation, so I would strongly recommend researching for hair dressers in your area, find someone who you love and trust, and stick with them! My hairdresser now has his own hair salon, so if anyone is in the Galway area I would highly recommend him! –Urban Lane Hair Co. , 2 Buttermilk Walk, Galway, Ireland.

2. Keep it moist
One of the main problems with curly hair is that it is prone to dryness, which can cause dullness and breakage. It’s not enough to get a good conditioner, you also need a moisturising shampoo too! I would also strongly recommend giving your hair regular treatments. I use Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner,and I also use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair Treatment Reconstructor.

3. About treatments…

I like to use certain serums in my hair straight after my shower while my hair is still wet, to prevent frizz and make my curls look softer. I use Aussie Dual Personality: Anti-Frizz and Conditioning Milk (get it here) and Aussie Dual Personality: Curl Definition + Soft Feel Serum (get it here). They have both really transformed my hair and I have no intention of abandoning them any time soon.

4. Keep it natural!

I think my hair sits at its best when I leave it down to dry naturally. This way, the curls can take shape in their own way and nothing is deformed or pulled out by hairdryers and towels. However if you really like putting your hair up after a shower, never use a towel! This can cause frizziness, using an old t-shirt keeps your hair shiny and sleek (as sleek as you can call curly hair anyways).

I hope some of these tips help you on your way to having beautiful, natural hair!

Love always,
Fiofs x

This blog post is not sponsored by Aussie Hair Products or Urban Lane Hair Co. , I’m just obsessed.


2 thoughts on “How I Deal With My Curly Hair

  1. Style As Needed says:

    Curl Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions is also great if you’re looking for new products to try! It really calms my curls and keeps the frizz away and it’s really light consistency so your hair doesn’t feel weighed down with product!

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