A Bird Flew into My Kitchen?

Feel like dad wouldnt appreciate me posting a picture of himself online…

I was walking into my kitchen, empty plates in hand, when all of a sudden I see a bluish blur flying through the back door and bashing into the skylight. My first thought went to a moth or a butterfly, but quickly realised it was a bird. In the kitchen. I quickly alerted my dad who was reading the paper soundly, and he hopped up to help the poor bluetit who crashed into yet another window, behind our kitchen sink. 

My dad opened the window, to let the confused creature out, but he was so confused and concussed that he didn’t know what way was up! So, he gently curled him up in his hands and brought him outside, while I followed frantically trying to open my camera on my phone. What’s funny is, the bird just sat in my dad’s hands for a good 5 minutes, sitting on its bum all dazed! I have a funny video of my dad cooing over the poor divil but I won’t share as he was a little bit embarassed when he realised I captured the whole thing on video. Very sweet and very funny!

After a while it perked up a bit and proceeded to fly straight at my towel wrapped hair, perching there for a milisecond until I screamed with fright, then flew away. 

It was such a lovely moment being so close to this beautiful little bird, petting it’s soft head, especially seeing as I grew up in the city so any sign of wildlife is a rarity in my life.

It has become 1 of 4 sightings of wildlife that wondered into my house

  1.  A hedgehog in the garden.
  2. A cat who climbed in the window.
  3. A mother duck and 10 ducklings walked straight into my garden, and stayed the night as we had no clue what to do… The next day my dad called his friend over and brought them all back in a box to a lake nearby. Very exciting time to be honest!

we were worried it’s wing had gone wonky, but it flew away safe!

    It’s funny the same excitement of ducks coming into my garden at 8 years old was relived 10 years later, by a bird scaring me shitless as it flew into the kitchen…


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