Why I Fail at Everything. Everything.

Because I can’t fucking move.

And no, I am very fortunate being totally able to physically move and I understand many aren’t as fortunate. I am grateful. Please don’t take this as some controversial or offensive!?

Mild exhaustion coupled with exhaustion and a procrastinating personality has made it so I can’t move.

I had plans. What were my plans? Well, I have literally a deathly amount of study and homework to do as I am in my final year of school. I want to be charitable and nice so I want to organise shoeboxes for children for Christmas (sounds odd if you don’t know about it, you put presents in a wrapped shoebox and they’re given out to homeless or children suffering through poverty). I wanted to cook something healthy, do my makeup, go buy a backpack, and be energetic, annoyingly active and goal-worthy. Hilarious.

So far, I have made breakfast, and sat on the couch. That was several hours ago. I am still here. Every part of me is screaming ‘DO SOMETHING’ but my body is just refusing to do anything but stay alive, just. 

From that, I would never expect anyone to ask me for advice ever on this subject. So this is all I can offer…


  1. GET
  2. UP
  3. NOW
  4. 🙂 

Literally that’s all. Maybe act like someone just came into your room flailing an axe so the whole ‘fight or flight’ thing will kick in so you’ll be so shitlessly scared, you will RUN. Best you can do. I wish you all luck. (Also suffering from a 3 day hangover after going out 3 times in the past 4 days has destroyed my brain into thinking a part of it has died. Drink responsibly kids).

-Fiofs x 



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