A Whole New World

Somehow I’ve landed myself in New York City. I’m staying in the heart of chaos on 8th Avenue in Time Square and I can hear screams, car horns and a thunderous collection of everything and anything 12 floors below me. How, how did I end up here? 

America was always disconnected to me. Just a place where all the big companies are, that I see on TV, where all the celebrities hide away and stars are born. I never realised, foolishly, until now, that the life of an American is not just fiction. I’m living in the middle of it, and it’s just as surreal and unbelievable as you could imagine. Massive culture shock, basically. 

I’ve never felt further away from all that I know. It’s a life I have never imagined I could have (not that I definitely will), but I could. 

I learned that the life we have known is not the only life we can have. When everything seems dull, and tired, and worn out, don’t settle. There’s another life out there waiting for you.



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